Santa Cruz bike ad gets creative during lockdown

By 17th June 2020 No Comments

A miniature model of Santa Cruz’ new mountain bike, in a back garden in Glasgow, replaces a planned road trip around Greece with Danny MacAskill and Josh Lewis.

The advertising campaign for Santa Cruz Bicycles new mountain bike, the 5010, was originally planned to be a road trip through Greece starring Santa Cruz athletes Danny MacAskill and Josh Lewis.

With lockdown forcing plans to be scrapped, production company Glasgow-based Cut Media went back to the drawing board and completely reimagined the spot.

The resulting film was created by a streamlined crew of two armed with a toy bike in a back garden in Glasgow.

Cut Media in-house creative Jonny Ashworth designed and created the props and sets in his back garden. He then filmed the project with some help from his brother Andy Ashworth.

The rest of the creative, production and edit team worked remotely to finish the spot, adding sound design and a backing track.

Cut Media said: “We are founded on the principle that a small, collaborative team can always exceed any expectation – even when faced with a global pandemic. Our latest film for Santa Cruz Bicycles, featuring a miniature replica model of the 5010 bicycle, celebrates the product’s unique technical capabilities and versatility, whilst also making considered and authentic nods to several Santa Cruz athletes’ riding styles and personalities.”

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